Wellness Foods

Wellness Foods Magazine

Six times a year, Food Processing subscribers receive Wellness Foods, full of cutting-edge research on the health benefits of ingredients, formulation solutions, information on organics and other pertinent editorial.

Editorial Focus:
As the fastest growing segment in the food & beverage marketplace, all processors are vying for the wellness dollar. As a result, all product developers are hungry for the latest information on where consumer trends are moving in this regard and how to make food & beverage products healthier.

Wellness Foods supplies the information needs of these product developers by drawing upon the newest consumer and scientific research but always focusing on the ingredients.

Wellness Foods is written to explore those product development possibilities, from the most exotic superfruit from some remote rainforest to the newest nutraceutical ingredient to simple changes in formulation that can make familiar, tried-and-true products more healthful.

A Healthy Market:
Fifty-six percent of food & beverage processors say following consumer trends is their top priority for the next several years, and 53 percent specifically cite developing healthier/better-for-you foods*. The organic foods market continues to grow much faster than the market at large. And as the huge baby boomer demographic reaches senior citizenship, they look to foods as a natural way to ward off the effects of aging.

These trends are not limited to the United States and Canada; every signicant market around the globe is looking to improve the healthfulness and nutrition of its food supply. Processors around the world know that to grow their food & beverage business, there's no better way than to make their products more healthful.

But they need help. They need to learn of the newest functional ingredients, what they do, how they work and in what applications. Wellness Foods can help. So can you.

*Source: 2010 Food Processing R&D Survey